VIVERS CENTRE VERD, SAU has several pruning teams, with all necessary equipment. Our professional pruning operatives, have all the tools required for the task , such us Pruning safety basket , pruning trucks with pruning tools, and all the necessary legal authorisation for the activity and the transport of all cuttings.

We are also authorized for the treatment, pruning, cutting and retirement of palm trees affected by the red palm weevil.

We can mention as Pruning services carried out recently , the following:

- Pruning service in Albacete town Turing years 2003 & 2004

- Pruning service in Castellón Town from year 2011 onwards.

- Pruning service in all municipalities where CENTRE VERD carry out the Green Areas Maintenance Service.

- Pruning service of the vast majority of the Valencia Province municipalities , according to the Global gardening plan contract signed with Diputación de Valencia.