The main activities of  VIVERS CENTRE VERD, SAU are the following:

Garden Maintenance: For local administrations (municipal, province or regional level) , Commercial Centres,  Neighbourhoods,  Private Companies and  State Developments.
Green Areas Construction or refurbishment :   Including  earth moving operations, civil works,  plantation,  exterior furniture installation , drinking water network , irrigation systems and sewage networks.
Development and Commercialization of ornamental plants.
Felling, Pruning  and  Treatments against red palm weevil.
Turn-Key Projects of Landscape and Irrigation
Forestry Treatments
Roads and Forest Area Clearances

The Company owns the Following Quality Certificates:

-  ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified System
-  ISO 14001:2004  Environmental Certified System
- OSHAS 180001:2007
- Legal Authorisation for the expedition of  phyto-sanitary passport.
- Legal Authorisation for importing ornamental plants.
- Company accredited  in the  Spanish Registry of Construction Companies (REA)
- Company accredited with the maximum toxicological category  for safe handling of pesticide products.
- Company Authorized for carrying out phyto-sanitary treatments against palm weevil.
- Best Company classification
- Plant Nursery development Company
- Authorisation for gathering and transport  of plant material